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AusCorp Connect Pty Review Key Motivators for Entrepreneurs

Thursday 4 September, 2014
With entrepreneurship on the rise, Sydney-based  AusCorp Connect Pty, take a look at what makes entrepreneurship so satisfactory and what motivates today’s entrepreneurs. AusCorp Connect Pty knows that there are many benefits to becoming an entrepreneur the most obvious benefit of course being the option to be your own boss and having  control  of when you work, but there are several others. Research indicates that small business owners are more satisfied than employees with regard to life conditions, career opportunities, financial situation, personal safety, health and feeling like a part of their community. Individuals often choose to become entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities such as, achieving financial independence, working with family or living a more suitable lifestyle. Although there are so many benefits to becoming an entrepreneur AusCorp Connect Pty says that they face a lot of challenges that would simply never come up if they were a standard employee. There are several financial risks, especially in times of economic downturn, which can sometimes lead to stress and depression. There is the risk of not knowing the market well enough before trying to inject a new or improved product into it. There is also a credibility risk; people are more likely to buy from a well-known label or brand and often it is only the name that gets a product to sell. Entrepreneurs worry whether their brand will be good enough to compete with these big names. And inevitably there is the risk of failure. However, these risks are very rewarding, both economically and socially, when they pay off. But with all these challenges and risks that come with being an entrepreneur AusCorp Connect Pty is looking at what motivates today’s entrepreneurs and what keeps them determined to continue through the challenges and reap the benefits. A common motivator for entrepreneurs is the desire for independence. The individual wants to assume full control of their working conditions and their outcomes and potentially the need for financial independence. Money can also be a big motivator, many individuals see owning a business as an opportunity to build greater wealth than those in employment receiving the same pay check every month. Often a big motivator is the wish to build a family business that can provide career opportunities for the owner’s spouse, children and future generations of the family tree. Many like the idea of passing on a money-making family business to their offspring. For some it is the working hours and conditions that gives them motivation, the ability to set their own working hours and conditions is a desirable quality of entrepreneurship. For others they simply want to do something they love and have a passion for, the opportunity to be creative in the workplace by choosing what work they undertake, when they do it and how. AusCorp Connect Pty is an outsourcing provider located in Australia. The firm develop and execute engaging direct marketing campaigns that take their clients’ products straight to their target demographic. They build strong, personal relationships with consumers by engaging with them face-to-face, this helps to generate extended loyalty and awareness for their clients’ brands. AusCorp Connect Pty runs a development program to educate and support budding entrepreneurs. The program is designed to progress people quickly through the firm and into leadership and supports individuals wanting to progress and potentially open their own business. The program teaches all those involved with the firm the correct skills such as leadership and product knowledge and provides them with advanced career opportunities. 

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